FRY HOME TEAM  is excited to announce our newest team member, Justin Campbell.  

Justin is a product of Laguna Hills and their community. He has lived in South Orange County his entire life,  graduating from Laguna Hills High School. Apart from training at the gym and practicing yoga, Justin enjoys meeting new people and building upon that to create a greater, fonder friendship. Networking events and walks in the park alike, there is nothing more stimulating to him than having a conversation with another person. While this may be a reason as to why Justin chose Real Estate as a profession, being able to help and guide people through the toughest transaction of their lives makes its case for the overall decider. He wants to make it easy for all of you buyers and sellers, so that he can view the flourishing communities you’ve all created for decades to come.

We are exceptionally happy that Justin chose us to start his Real Estate career with.  His intense desire to succeed impressed us from the start.  We know he will be doing great things and we look forward to each of you having the opportunity to meet him soon.